Relieving back pain naturally

Relieving back pain naturally

Back pain is a commonly found problem. Athletes or sports people often develop chronic back problems due to prolonged periods of playing or injuries. People who sit at a desk all day long also tend to suffer from back pain due to posture problems. Posture problems also affect people when they drive or ride regularly for many hours. Tension, increased workload, stress and the effects of daily modern life has been resulting in many people having back pain. The more the number of people who complain of back pain, the greater the number of relieving methods discovered. A popular and proven method for relieving such pain is the use of an inversion table.

How an inversion table works:

An inversion table works by simply inverting the effect of gravity by keeping the feet at a position higher than the head. This keeps the body in an upside down position with gravity pulling the back from the opposite end than it usually does, thereby relieving pain in the lower back.

Variations in inversion tables:

Inversion tables are available in many sizes, ranging from small to big. Big inversion tables are often bulky and may be difficult to operate while the smaller ones can fit within an apartment room. Each inversion table is designed to bear a maximum amount of weight and often comes with a limited warranty.

Inversion tables are also available in manual and power versions, with the power ones being more expensive than the manual ones. They also have a multi functional variety which can work as an exercise machine when required.

Who can benefit from inversion therapy?

Inversion tables are of use to almost every person with a back problem. This includes athletes, working professionals and even housewives. At the current time, back problems can affect anyone and anyone can benefit from the use of an inversion table that aims to reduce this pain and its associated discomfort. Aging individuals also complain of back pain and have been known to have benefited from the use of inversion tables. In addition to relieving the back pain in the aging process, inversion tables also help to reduce stress and fatigue, improve posture and blood circulation, increase flexibility, clear headaches caused by stress and encourage relaxation for better health.

Inversion therapy may seem like a new theory, however this is not the case. Inversion therapy is an old concept that has been practiced for hundreds of years.