Unicare Health Insurance- Trusted Review

Unicare Health Insurance- Trusted Review

UniCare has been providing people with a wide variety of

health insurance services. From PPO, HMO, dental and vision plans to

FSA and COBRA administration and employee assistance programs, UniCare

is ready to address the needs of their more

million members. UniCare focuses on appropriate, current health care,

and makes full use of technology in order to empower patients to be

more involved in their own care. Online tools, including a provider

database, chronic condition management assistance and easy to use

applications enable providers and members ensure that records are

accurate, health care is up to date and allows timely coordination of

treatment when patients have more than one condition requiring medical

Health Insurance - What You Should Know

insurance provides its members with a full compliment of

services, including access to a nationwide network of PPO, HMO and

other plans, and offers a wide variety of premiums and deductibles. The

goal of UniCare is to offer a diverse blend of managed health services

while employing new composite plans that take advantage of the best of

both traditional and open access model plans. Providing patient choice

is their way of doing business, putting you in control of your health

care. Comprehensive group, individual, Medicare and family plans are

available with a wide selection of coverage and deductible amounts, so

you get only the coverage you need.

is focused on innovation for its providers, members and the

environment. Making full use of current technology, UniCare health

insurance gives providers the means to keep accurate, up-to-date

records, coordinate health care and schedule treatment, and gives

patients the tools to enable them to become active partners in their

own health care. Web accessible tools, such as health assessments and

symptom checker by WebMD.com, health record consolidation and online

programs can help you organize your health care and achieve your health