Ultimate Complete Beautician (Level 2))

Ultimate Complete Beautician (Level 2))
Ultimate Complete Beautician (Level 2))
Free Dermalogica starter kit with this course. EXPRESS EDUCATION complete Beautician Course is a comprehensive intense course which is designed to train candidates in all aspects of beauty therapy. The qualification achieved at the end of the course is a Advanced Beauty Specialist Certificate, which enables the student to obtain licensing via local government council authority(local council)to carry out specialist treatments and allows the candidate to insure themselves mobile, independent or to work in an industry.The course is taught with the learner in mind, ensuring that you receive excellent one-to-one tuition via your personal trainer.This course is taught with no more than 2 students at any one time.
Week 1: FacialsConsultation/ contra-indication/ trolley setup/ product knowledge. Superficial cleanse/ deep cleanse/ tone/ exfoliationnWeek 2: Face Masks & Face Massage/Skin Analysis Steam treatments and extraction Learn pre mixed face masks and how to make clay prescription masks. Learn biological masks also to be able to offer a special service to clients. Massage routine, assess learning on previous weeks work with a mini assessmentt Week 3:Small eye treatments Including eyelash and eyebrow tinting, eyebrow shaping and eyelash extensions that includes strip and individual lashes/ moisturise/ mini assessment Eyelash Perming ( students may need to provide own models for this module) Re cap facial routiness Week4: Manicure & Pedicure Contra indications, function of the nail, nail structure, manicure and pedicure procedure. Paraffin wax treatment/ hand masks. Assessment.. Week5:Waxing Hot wax, cool wax and a disposable method Half leg, full leg, bikini, under arm, top lip, chin and eyebrow waxing. Contra indications to waxing. Assessmentt Week 6: Make up. Re cap on facial routineCosmetic make up, black skin make up and corrective make up. Assess skin types. Skin preparation. Check for contra indications. Recognition of skin tones/ face shapes/ eye shapes/ lip shapes. Use of corrective light and shade. Correct use of cosmetics. Assessment.. Week 7 Business Awareness and Professional Conduct Week 8: Salon Training/Practical Assessments Clients are booked in for appointments on this week where you can put into practice your training. Assessment .. Beauty Direct Ltd This course will also require 12 hours of home study and case studies to be completed as directed by your tutor. You are reminded that once your course is booked, you must adhere to the agreed learning days set out by the school and yourself at the start of your course. If you miss your assessments you will be expected to pay for any future assessment days which need to be set up in order to gain your certification.

None needed Please Note - This course is recognised by the Local Government Licensing Authority (Council).You will need to have proof of certification upon application of a license to practice beauty therapy. To book this course you need to place a 300.00 deposit. To secure you can call an advisor on 0115 9506380 to assist you

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1 Day Per Week (8 Weeks) 2 Days Per Week (4 Weeks)
Deposit £300.00 Cost £1,665.00
Current Dates Available
Nottingham Starts 22/09/2008
Nottingham Evening Class 3.30pm-6.30pm Starts 23/09/2008
Mansfield Starts 23/09/2008
Nottingham Starts 25/09/2008
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