Empty Promises Of Good Nutrition

Empty Promises Of Good Nutrition
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With all the reasons to and promises of dog food one depends on to feed their dog; only the manufacturer knows exactly what the food actually contains. One may ask oneself why do I want to feed this to my dog if it is unfit for me to eat? Are risk factors present they are not informing the public of?

Any substance eaten to support life is considered a nutrient. The real issue here is whether the nutrient is an energy or non energy producing nutrient. When shopping for dog food, a person will notice claims stating this food provides healthy cell development, strong teeth and bones, healthy skin and coat, strong muscles, healthy digestion and more. However, there is little or no proof backing these statements.

When viewing the different labels, the pictures look tasty enough to please the owner, dinner for two. Without the nutrition facts a consumer knows nothing about what is actually contained in the food. Start with the unsuitable digestible ingredients that are not human grade that may contain bacteria, E. coli, salmonella, and may not be destroyed during the processing of the food. The truth is, processing the food kills most of the nutritional value of the food, while it may or may not kill the bacteria.

Old school teaching stresses variety is the key to a well balanced diet. This says nothing about fresh food being the best food. After fresh food there is fresh frozen foods. Last and certainly least, are canned foods which, we have already discussed, the contents thereof have lost most of their positive value during processing. The bottom line is if one eats too much of any food then one is certainly not receiving enough variety for the correct balance of nutrients the body needs to maintain wellness.

Many dog foods are of low quality, mostly corn meal, bone meal and human food chain waste. Some dog foods utilize empty promises and add supplementation too boost numbers on the nutritional value label. Unless the food is high quality, supplementation will probably be of little value and will not correct the fundamentals that determine whether or not a food is of high quality.

Isn’t it time for pet food manufacturers to tell the truth why people don’t eat dog food.

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