Electronic Health Systems eHealth

Electronic Health Systems  eHealth

What should Hillary Clintons priorities be once she becomes president?

I think it should go like this

2) Prosecuting Dick Cheney company (Halliburton) for War profiteering

3) Establishing a national health care system

4) Ending the handouts to the rich (unbalanced tax cuts)

5) Raise taxes on the oil industry to invest in renewable energy.

6) Overhaul the electoral system so the canidate the people want wins. Get rid of paperless electronic balloting (its rigged).

1st day Health care for all Americans paid for by taxes on imports tariffs

2nd day Remove NAFTA to increase work for Americans

3rd day End Iraq war by bringing troops home and then do a little rebuilding over there to replace the bridges and schools and homes we have destroyed and freeing and giving jobs to the Iraqis unjustly imprisoned, rebuilding their country

4th day implement taxes on oil and tax breaks for wind, solar, and other renewable energy sources

5th day Ending the handouts to the rich


Michigans CARHIO electronic health system demonstration

Sony ICFC414 Clock Radio ICFC414 Clocks

Braun Syncro Shaver System Clean & Renew Refills

The replaceable cartridges for the Braun Syncro (models 7526, 7546, 7680), Activator (models 8585 and 8595), and Flex XP System (model 5790) Shavers.

Developing Software for Safety Critical Systems [VHS]

In many industries, the scope of software usage has taken on significant roles. We cant make toast, watch TV, or start our cars without involving software of some kind. In the aviation community, for instance, software has gone from controlling simple measurement devices to being involved in almost every function on board an aircraft from computer controlled toilets to fly-by-wire control

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